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Wasted Food for School Deliveries
Fuel for Schools Fuel for Schools
Dear Parent / Carer,
As a follow on from the breakfast food that we received on 8th December I have been discussing taking our commitment further, to regularly receiving wasted food, with Adam Smith, the founder of the Real Junk Project. They describe themselves as “a global, organic network of pay as you feel cafes. We divert food destined for waste and use it to create delicious and healthy meals.” Supermarkets, caterers, independent traders and wholesalers all generate tons of waste food that predominantly heads straight to landfill sites. All the food used in the cafe is "intercepted". This doesn't mean they take food from bins or skips. Through relationships with local businesses they take in food past its expiry date but still edible, incorrectly labelled food, or food that would otherwise be thrown out.

We are going to receive food from local supermarkets, namely Morrisons at Swinnow on Mon, Wed and Fridays. All of the food will be placed on our stall at the front of school. Anyone can take food and pay as you feel – just put what you can afford into the honesty box. Hopefully we are also going to receive food for our breakfast club. If this results in daily deliveries, we will be able to offer pay as you feel for breakfast.

The Fuel for School campaign has three key objectives:
  1. Educate children about healthy eating, nutrition and food awareness
  2. Remove hunger as a barrier to learning
  3. Highlight the global issues surrounding food waste

Have a look at this video which shows Adam Smith of The Real Junk Food Project taking a tour of Armley Junk-tion fridge and the shocking nature of food waste, in support of fuel for school.

To find out more about wasted food visit @fuelforschool or