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Alex Wibrew
Alex is a musician and teacher from West Leeds, working for Artforms, the music and arts service for Leeds city council.  He also teaches music in the school. Alex is also head of Horsforth music centre which runs on Saturday mornings in term time. 

Jennifer Kerry
I have just stepped down after nearly 20 years from my role as Chair of Governors. I am currently part of both the Resources and Teaching & Learning sub committees. I am happily married and have two grown up daughters, who both attended SPS. I work in customer service and also as an invigilator. I continue to be proud to play a part in the success of this very special school.
Gillian Howe
I am a co-opted governor. My roles include safeguarding, child protection and children in care. I also have my own class which is class 5. I have followed their progress since they were in nursery. I really enjoy watching the school evolve. I have been a governor for many years. I am a local child minder too, so a familiar face in the community.
Jacquie Lee
I have been a governor at Stanningley since 2002. I am happily married with two grown up children and I am also a proud grandparent. I currently work in the healthcare sector in a very demanding role.  My key role as Governor is as chair of the Teaching & Learning subcommittee, I am also a key member of the performance management committee and currently class governor of year 1.

Louise Travis-Jones
I have been a governor at Stanningley Primary School since October 2013, I am the Pupil Premium Governor at the school and I support, monitor and evaluate the work of the school in relation to raising the attainment and progress of children who are eligible for the pupil premium. I have two daughters, my eldest is in KS1 and my youngest has just started in nursery. I am currently the Class Governor for Year 2, I enjoy spending time with class and will go into to school at least three times a week to support the children with their learning…. This does mean that I can now frequently be caught humming… “We love maths!”
Simon Harvey
I have been a school governor at Stanningley Primary since December 2014. My eldest son started his schooling journey here many moons ago and my youngest son started his journey in Reception this year. Now a little bit about me, I left a very long exciting career as a security consultant and I was lucky enough to be able to be a house husband for a few years, which I loved.  Three years ago I opened a local shop selling antiques, collectibles and second hand goods, the coolest job in the world and I get to say I'm an Antique dealer.
I applied to become a school governor simply because I love everything that Stanningley Primary strives to achieve and I am very fortunate and proud to be Parent Governor for Class 4.
Avril Morgan
Avril was appointed by the Authority as an old-style LEA governor at Stanningley over 6 years ago. She is the Company Secretary in her family owned business, which employs 20 people. Prior to this Avril also worked as a counsellor for Relate for 10 years and has a degree in therapeutic counselling. Additionally her voluntary work has included working in a youth club and PTA work.
Donna Whiteley
I am the Assistant Headteacher and I am also currently the Reception  teacher. I have been teaching since 2007 and all of my experience has been at Stanningley Primary School. I was elected by my staff team and have been a Staff Governor since 2010. I started my time in Nursery Class before moving into Reception Class. I then had an opportunity to work in Year Two before moving back into Reception Class.