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Respect and Pride

      This week's attendance is 94.1% our target is 98%. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS !   SPS - Would like to Thank everyone who helped and ran at our annual Race 4 Life event. Also all the people who came to the Summer fair to make this such an enjoyable event.   Please remember to up date any new phone numbers and change of address at the office. 

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Star Of The Week

Every Thursday the class teachers will choose a child to be Star of The Week. This can be for any improvement reason, e.g. work, attitude, behavior, kindness and going the extra mile. The parent of that child will recieve a text to invite them to the celebration assembly on Friday.  The stars sit at the front of assembly where all their friends and adults can see and share their celebration and achievements.  They will have their photograph taken and  it will be  displayed on the school notice board,website and in the classroom. The star children will also recieve a certificate and badge for their hard work all week. 
 It is a very proud day for all.
Out of school achievements Summer 2 Out of school achievements Summer 2
Stars of the week 15.6.18Stars of the week 15.6.18
Stars of the week 8.6.18Stars of the week 8.6.18
Golden Pen Award Summer 1Golden Pen Award Summer 1
Stars of the week 25.518Stars of the week 25.518
Stars of the weeek 18.5.18Stars of the weeek 18.5.18
Stars of the week 11.5.18Stars of the week 11.5.18
Stars of the week 4.5.18Stars of the week 4.5.18
Stars of the week 27.4.18Stars of the week 27.4.18
Stars of the week 20.4.18 Stars of the week 20.4.18
Stars of the Week 27.3.18Stars of the Week 27.3.18
Stars of the week 9.3.18Stars of the week 9.3.18
Stars of the week 23.2.18Stars of the week 23.2.18
Golden Pen Award Spring 1 9.2.18Golden Pen Award Spring 1 9.2.18
Stars of the week 9.2.18 Stars of the week 9.2.18
Stars of the week Stars of the week
Stars of the week 26.1.18Stars of the week 26.1.18
Stars of the week 19.1.18Stars of the week 19.1.18
Stars of the week 12.1.18Stars of the week 12.1.18
Star of the week 5.1.18Star of the week 5.1.18
Golden Pen Award 15.12.17Golden Pen Award 15.12.17
Star of the week 15.12.17Star of the week 15.12.17
Stars of the week 1.12.17Stars of the week 1.12.17
Stars of the week 24.11.17Stars of the week 24.11.17
Stars of the week 17.11.18Stars of the week 17.11.18
Stars of the week 4.11.17Stars of the week 4.11.17
Star of the week 10.11.17Star of the week 10.11.17
Golden Pen Award 20.10. 17 Golden Pen Award 20.10. 17
Stars of the Week 20.10.17Stars of the Week 20.10.17
Stars of the Week 13.10.17Stars of the Week 13.10.17
Stars of the Week 6.10.17Stars of the Week 6.10.17
Star of the Week 29.9.17Star of the Week 29.9.17
Star of the Week 22.9.17Star of the Week 22.9.17
Stars of the Week Stars of the Week
Friday 8 th September 2017

Year 1 The whole Class
Year 2 The whole Class
Year 4 The Whole Class
Year 5 The Whole Class
Year 6 The Whole Class

Friday 8 th September 2017