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Respect and Pride

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Remembrance Day

Today the children marked this special occasion by learning why we do it each year. The children listened respectfully and then thought of people they knew or people in their families who they might think about during the silence. All the children made their own poppy and we wore them when we completed the two minutes silence while watching the scenes from all over the UK on the news.


This week the children have been using untuned instruments in music. They have had the opportunity to play lots of different instruments such as drums, tambourines, triangles and maracas. The children were good at thinking when to play and when not to play.

Art Gallery Trip

As a final part of the their art topic, the children visited Leeds Art Gallery. In the gallery we explored what you learn from a portrait. We looked for clues in the artwork and the children had fabulous detective skills. We created our own images to take back to school. The children all behaved wonderfully and they were a credit to their families and to the school.

Dance PE

This half term in PE we have started our dance module. The children were fabulous today and they were beginning to practise putting together held poses with a travel sequence. Some children were even able to include a spin into their routine. We looked at high and low freezes as well as different ways we could travel to the music.

Art Gallery Zooms

This week the children have enjoyed three zoom sessions with Amanda from the Art Gallery in Leeds. They have been exploring the use of colour and looking at what feelings this may represent. They have also been looking at portraits and how a portrait may give us clues about that person. Tomorrow the children are visiting the Art Gallery to celebrate all their learning and experience the exhibit which focuses on differences.

Road Safety .

This week the road safety team came in to help us think about how to stay safe around the roads. We thought about what we needed to do to stay safe in a car and we thought about the 'think, stop, look, listen' motto.

Science - Our bodies

In science this half term we are learning all about how amazing our body is. First we checked we knew lots of the names of our body parts. We drew around each other and added labels with the different parts. It was great fun. Next we thought about what our five senses were and we took part in some mini experiments to test them! Many of the children already knew that their nose was the body part they used to smell. The children were given the challenge to create the smelliest sock they could using a range of ingredients. They had to smell the ingredients to find the smelliest ones to combine together to make the smelliest sock. A lot of the children knew we used our hands to touch but they were surprised to think about how we actually felt things. We talked about how our skin is designed to feel texture and temperature. We usually use our hands to touch so in this experiments we felt items in a feely bag so we could not see them. We used given words to try to describe them, before we found out what they were. The children knew that we tasted using our mouths but only a few had heard of our taste buds. They were surprised to learn that different parts of our tongue will taste the different flavours. The children closed their eyes and tried some sour, sweet and salty foods. They were all very brave and gave most of them a good go! We tried lemon, soya sauce, honey and olives. The children knew that they used their eyes to see but they all enjoyed testing their eye sight when we played ‘Kims Game’. The children had to look at the items on the tray and then try to name the missing item when one was taken away. Mrs Lofthouse did try to trick us when she took two items away! The children got to put their ears to the test when they were played a selection of very random sounds they needed to identify. We turned down all the lights and closed our eyes to help our ears work. The children heard birds singing, an egg frying, fingers scratching a blackboard and cats meowing. The children then voted for their favourite sound. Most children liked the cat meowing and the birds singing – not many liked the scratching sound!

Elmer Craft Afternoon

It was lovey to have so many adults in this afternoon for our Elmer crafting. The children had a lovely time making elephant faces, Elmer names and Elmer collages. After the crafts, the children loved reading their own Elmer stories to their adults and friends. It was a lovely way to end the topic.

Elmer Talk For Writing

This week the children have been learning the story of Elmer. They used a text map and actions to retell the story. They will use the text map and actions to write their own Elmer story next week. Can your child tell you the story using their actions?

Grandparents Day

Our history topic this half term is history in living memory. In class we have a chest full of toys from the past. We have been learning how these toys work and we have loved playing with them. To help us learn about history, we asked grandparent volunteers to come and spend the morning with us. The children all wrote questions for the grandparents, to help them find out first hand, what life was like when their grandparents were younger. We were so lucky to have so many grandparents come into school and share their memories with us and answer the children's questions. After, we all completed a toy timeline together, trying to identify the oldest and youngest of the toys in the photographs. We would like to say a huge thank you to all our grandparents who came to help us on this morning!

Our First Few Weeks in Year 1

Over the last few weeks the children have been exploring their new classroom environment. We have indoor and outdoor provision that the children can access at given times. They have loved looking in the areas and they have loved completed the challenges we have set them. The children all brought in their 'all about me bag' and it was lovely to hear them speaking confidently about what they had chosen to bring into us and to hear them explaining why they chose that.