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Science - Everyday Materials

In class 2 we have been continuing our investigation into Everyday Materials. We have this time being observing closely how we can change the shape of everyday materials. We have had many discussions and together we came up with an investigation question, Can all materials be, bent,stretched,twisted or squashed. We thought about an experiment and thought it would need to be a fair test and we would need to record our findings in some sort of a chart. We decided that a simple grid would be fine. So the experiment began. We had great fun and was very suprised by some of our results. Many of us had very good guesses and were right. The conclusion to the Question, Can all materials be, bent,stretched,twisted or squashed. No note all materials for example everyday bricks, pebbles can not. However some metals cans, such as pop tins.

Year 2 Children in Need

We all donated to Children in Need and came to school dressed in colour clothes to support the wonderful charity.

Geography Wk 2 Compass directions

Year 2 had a great time learning compass points this week in the big playground. We now know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. We know Scotland is in the North and London is in the South. We can move or point to these compass point on a map. We can even say where the capital cities are. We learned a little mnemonic to help us remember the compass point too!

Year 2 Art - Mixing paint

We have been learning how to mix colours. We all know the three primary colours. We used this information to create a colour wheel. This helped us to learn how to mix secondary colours. We now know how to make orange, green and purple. We then found that we could mix all of the primary colours to make brown. We looked at adding white and black to add tint, tone and shade. We used our new colour knowledge to paint portraits of Mary Seacole.

Leeds Road Safety Team

Year 2 have been so lucky to have the Leeds Raod Safety Team. Amber came to our class and help us learn to cross the roads safely. Amber talked to us about car seats and how all the children in year 2 must have car seats to travel in a car. rnIf you are taller than 1.35 metre you don't need to sit in a car seat. We measured ourselves at we are all shorter than 1.35m. We all learnt how to chant the green cross coade STOP ! LOOK! AND LISTEN!

ART Michelle Jursa

Class 2 have begun to look at paint. The artist we are looking at is a Canadian lady called Michelle Jursa. She loved to paint outdoor pictures. She discovered that she always had more paint on her hands than on her brush. So she began to paint using her fingers. Year 2 have used paint brushes to paint their trees. They all checked their hands afterwards to see if they had any paint on them. We only provided the primary colours to paint our trees. Didn't we do well investigating by mixing the colours. Have a look at our first fabulous pieces of art.

Year 2 Cooking in the Curriculum

Year 2 have enjoyed accessing Cooking in the Curiculum with Miss Hiuudson and Miss Di, They have had discussion on food types, healthy or not. They have talked about what everyone likes and dislikes. Then they created a healthy snack. yum yum.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Year 2 were so happy there was a little slot for them to visit the huge cake and bun stall at the MacmillanCoffee Morning. We all took our money to pay for our chosen cake. It was lovely to sit down and have a chat and a bun.

12.9.22 Science in Year 2 Everyday Materials

This week we have begun to learn about everyday materials. We have had discussions about material and now know that it is what the object is made from. We played musical materials using everyday objects and photos. We all had a turn to name lots of different everyday materials. Then we used a magnifying glass to look more closely at the material. We use adjective to describe what the material looked like and felt like.

Wk 7.9.22 New to Year 2

Wow! What a great start to the half term we have had in Year 2. It has been lovely having the time to get to know our classroom, classroom adults and seeing our friends again after the long summer break. We have learned that our class author for this half term is Julia Donaldson. She was born, Julia Catherine Shields on 16 September 1948 in Hamstead Heath in London . She is best known for her popular rhyming stories for children. We begun our learning by listening to the story of ' THE PAPER DOLLS' It was an exciting story that we could all joini in. We had great fun making our very own paper dolls.