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Science - Making Shadows

Y3 had to create various shadows and say how they had made them. They then had to draw out their investigation and explain how the shadows were created.

Stone Age Day

Y3 were transported back to the Stone Age.....let`s see how they got on!

PE - Jumping and Balance

We have been looking at balance over the last few weeks in PE and here is a collection of images showing the children trying their hardest to perform and land various jumps whilst trying to keep their balance!

DT in Year 3

We began to plan our Christmas tree decoration today so we looked at what was already out there for some inspiration!

Remembrance Day

We took 2 minutes silence on 11/11/22 to remember those fallen heroes.

PE - Balancing on one leg

Our challenge in PE this week was balancing on one leg. We had to complete little challenges which enjoyed collecting cones whilst standing on one leg and some of us even got to do this balancing a ball at the same time and even with our eyes closed!

Y2 and Y3 Dancing with Darcey Bussell

We enjoyed a live dance lesson with Darcey Bussell to celebrate National Fitness Day!

Science - Finding out all about rocks

We explored and examined lots of different rocks to see if we could group and compare them. There were lots of interesting and strange looking rocks in the collection that we enjoyed looking at!

Voting Day!

We finally got to take part in our secret vote to choose who we wanted to have as our school councilors! We were all very excited to find out who would be chosen to represent our class!

School Council Speeches

Year 3 all had the chance to put themselves forward to be the school councilors and read their speeches out to the rest of the class.