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Harvest Rap

Year 5 performed spectacularly at our Harvest Festival. Here is an extract from their Harvest Rap. How they managed to remember all the words is beyond me!

Yr 5 Dodgeball Team

Some of year 5 got to take part in a dodgeball competition. They all performed brilliantly and came in a well deserved second place.


In our science lessons we have been looking at forces. Today have been looking how a lever can allow a small force to have a greater effect.

School council votes.

This week we voted for our new school councilors. Congratulations to Emmy and Benji who were chosen by the class to represent them this year.

School council speeches.

Today we have been reading out our persuasive school council speeches.

Science - Forces

As part of our forces work we have been looking at air resistance. We made different sized parachutes to investigate how that might change the speed of descent....with mixed results!