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Thank you to FOURWAY COACHES for sending the Leeds Rhinos Team Coach to take the children to JCCS. A team of 30 children represented team Stanningley at the Bramley Olympics Athletics School Games Event. Our surprise transport made the day even more special. We love you Leeds.


U7 to U14 teams and U11, U12 & U14 Girls teams from all over the UK made the annual pilgrimage to Butlins in Skegness for the Rhinos Challenge. The weekend was packed with Rugby League action, both on and off the field, fantastic touring activities at Butlins, and a spectacular celebrity presentation ceremony to close the festival. With 175 teams and 6,000 people participating, the Rhinos Challenge is the biggest Rugby League festival in the UK. Pictured is one of our local teams from Stanningley Sports and Amateur Rugby League Club. Well done to the four Y4 boys who represented them.

Leeds Well School Partnership Ice Skating Event - 17/03/22

As Team GB take part in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics and we build on the excitement that these events bring, it is with great pleasure that were invited to take part in the Leeds Well School Partnership Ice Skating Event. Pupils were supported by the Leeds Knights players to have a go at ice skating and were able to take to the ice whatever their ability. We were offered 10 free places for the pupils at Stanningley Primary School. This was a super opportunity for children to TRY ice-skating at a brand new facility in Leeds. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the facilites at PLANET ICE, Elland Road, LEEDS were great.


We were honoured to take a small number of children, from Stanningley Primary School, to attend THE GRAND OPENING OF GLENLEA SURGERYS NEW WING and Dr Hearnshaws retirement. This was a super opportunity for our children to see Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Olympic Gold Winners, who were in attendance for the Ribbon Cutting and Speeches. We would like to take this opportunity to send Dr Hearnshaw our best wishes for a carefree and relaxing retirement.


Today, Stanningley Primary School achieved Silver standard in the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark self-review. The Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark is online self-review tool which provides schools with a nationally recognised badge of excellence for PE and school sport. The tool supports schools to audit their PE provision and identify priorities for their development plan. The tool has been aligned to Ofsted guidance supporting the PE and Sport Premium and comprises a series of straightforward benchmarking statements, where you can select your level of provision in these areas: Overall vision for PE, physical activity and school sport, Quality of PE, Quality of school sport, Quality of physical activity, Use of PE, physical activity and sport as a catalyst for wider learning.

Shine Cricket Phonics

At Stanningley Primary School we are confident that every child achieves 30 minutes of active exercise daily in school. The Sports Council are now looking at ways to help children access 30 active minutes at home. One of the ways that we would like to promote weekend exercise is with the use of the Bramley Park Run. The Bramley junior park run is a weekly timed event for juniors. It is a 2k event for juniors only. At Stanningley Primary School the School Sports Council will be promoting this event. In order for them to take on this challenge it was important for them to attend a park run first. Today, Sunday 15th September, the Sports Council and their siblings completed their first park run together. Well done to all who attended you were amazing.

HEALTHY SCHOOLS - Health and Wellbeing Service Celebration Event 12/07/19

On Friday 12th July 2019, representatives from Stanningley Primary School attended the Health & Wellbeing Service celebration event. The event was held at the Banqueting Suite, Leeds Civic Hall. This event was held to celebrate the recent achievements of schools across the city in a range of areas. Stanningley went to collect awards for a successful Healthy Schools assessment and also a successful MindMate Friendly assessment. Healthy Schools concentrates on 4 core health themes of PSHE, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and SEMH. Well done to everyone at Stanningley Primary School.

'SPORTS PRESENTATION EVENING' - Thursday 6th June 2019

Tonight, a selected group of children and their adults attended the Sports Presentation Evening at Leeds West Academy. The evening celebrated all of the outstanding PE and School Sport that has taken place in the Leeds West Academy Sport Partnership this year. During the evening, various awards were presented that reflected the positive aspects and values of PE and Sport. Each winner had been chosen by the staff at their own primary school. The awards were presented by Stevie Ward, a local sportsperson. The Stanningley Primary School PE Team were all in attendance and were very proud of all of our winners.

May 2019 - Mr Harington completes the Fellsman Ultra Marathon

A walking challenge at first. Complete it in 24 hours my friend said. 1st attempt 24 hours and 9 minutes. 2nd attempt 24 hours and 15 minutes! 3rd attempt 26 hrs and a stint in A&E for concussion after passing out after the event! Was it ever going to happen? Did I actually want to try? What? Run it this time? All of it? Er yeah? For the uninitiated, The Fellsman is an annual event that is in its 57th year and run by the Keighley Scouts. Over the years, it has grown into a popular event on the Ultra Marathon calendar. 61 miles and 11,000ft of climbing over rough, tough moorland terrain, navigating between 24 checkpoints dotted around the Yorkshire Dales. You start and then you keep going until you finish or are finished. 6 months and 700 miles of training runs for my friend and then an illness and injury cruelly ends his race before it has even started. For me, 4 months and 370 miles later and I am about to have to do this solo. Apprehensive, nervous but still excited and ready as I will ever be I am dropped off by mum at the check in. Everyone looks so much fitter, faster and more experienced than I could ever be but previous experience helps and reminds me that competitors are usually very friendly and helpful along the way. Instead of everyone for themselves, it is everyone together to get to the end. After a night on a school hall floor, not great preparation, a 5:45 bus ride to the start and a bowl of porridge, we are off! It is raining and it rains a lot during the event but the mood is high and my fellow racers are friendly. Jacket on? Jacket off? Too hot? Will I get too cold? Do not go too fast even if you are feeling good – you might regret it after 20 miles, 40 miles, 50 miles will my legs still work after all that? The miles tick by and I meet some great people with stories of other adventures and aspirations for this race. Many experienced racers happy to share their scraps of knowledge for better, easier routes to the next check point. People who encourage you to keep up the pace over the many, many miles. At night you are grouped up with other people. I am asked to join a couple of young lads I have just spent the most grueling section of the race with. Ground too lumpy to run over, through ankle deep bogs, hail and hands so cold they do not have the strength to put gloves on, let alone take off my rucksack to get a warmer pair on. Brutal! They kindly wait a few extra minutes at the next check point for me, wasting precious minutes of their race time, while I take off my wet layers and put on 2 thermal layers, down jacket , hat, neck warmer, gloves and sit, shivering uncontrollably, in front of a small gas fire with my third mug of hot soup. Eventually, I am warm enough and off we jog Until the trail climbs steeply and within half an hour I have gone from shaking with cold to sweating from overheating. The rest of the race is now in the dark as night has fallen. The big climbs are now behind us and the end is in sight. I dare to dream of finishing in good time but 8 miles is still a fair length for a run. I am amazed at how I still feel I can run after 50+ miles, although I have rested by walking the uphills! The final stretch is all downhill and it feels good to have gravity on your side for once. We run past the pub in Grassington at last orders to great cheers of, Wahey! Fellsman! It feels like a proper race now, but against the clock, not these new friends that have helped me get to this point. One cruel last short lung-bursting climb later and I enter the finish. Ecstatic does not even come close! Last time I had arrived here, it was the next morning, 26 hours after setting off, and there was a token gesture of a finish as most of it had been packed away we had taken so long. But not this time. This time it was 11:30 pm on the same day I had started. I had completed 61 miles with 12,000 ft of climbing in 14 hours and 56 minutes. I was to find out later that I came 26th out of 350 competitors and it felt good. Really good. Beat 24 hours? 4th attempt. Job done.

Year 1 Bikeability

Year 1 were lucky enough to have bikability training in the playground this term. The team brought a range of bikes with and without pedals. The children worked on their confidence of balancing and some children were able to use a pedal bike by the end of their session.

February Half Term 2019 - Holiday Camp at LWA

During the February break a group of children from Y5/6 attended a holiday camp at Leeds West Academy. Leeds West Academy designed and funded the camp to offer extracurricular opportunities for a small number of children from their neighboring primary schools. During the day the children participated in different sporting activities with the aim of progressing the skills of those pupils identified as Gifted & Talented. There was also a major emphasis of fun throughout to enthuse the young people about taking part and enjoying physical activity.

Autumn 1 - Year 6 Sports Session at Leeds West Academy

Class 6 were invited to attend a sports session at Leeds West Academy which was planned and led by the Year 11 BTEC PE students from Leeds West Academy. It was a superb session and the children had a fantastic time!


WE ARE PLATINUM. We are delighted to announce that we, Stanningley Primary School, have achieved the PLATINUM School Games Mark Award for the 2017/18 academic year. The Schools Game Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. WELL DONE TEAM STANNINGLEY!


Since launching the Daily Mile, after Summer mid-term break, the staff and pupils are all seeing the benefits. Every day, hundreds of thousands of children are already getting fit for life by jogging or running with their classmates. At Stanningley Primary School we are doing the same. Everyone has fun taking part. It is not P.E. and it is not competitive but it does build relationships, confidence and resilience. This can be summed up in our Five Fs. 1. FITNESS. Children become more aware of a healthy lifestyle. 2. FRESH AIR. Children thrive on the sights, sounds and seasons. 3. FRIENDS. Children use the language of friendship to support. each other, improving their social and leadership skills. 4. FUN. Children enjoy taking part, and this is what makes The Daily Mile so successful. 5. FOCUS. Daily physical activity helps children concentrate in the classroom and is proven to raise attainment.


Bikeability? Check. Cycle skills on the park? Check. The next logical progression? A proper bike ride. And so it began. Eighteen competent year six children bravely rose to the challenge of cycling all the way to Saltaire and back. Would they make it? Are we pushing them too far? Will it inspire them to do more or put them off for life? Under the skilled guidance of Graham Bretherick, Becycling, and other enthusiastic staff members, the year six adventurers navigated busy roads with ease and joined the relative peacefulness of the canal towpath. What a great place to ride a bike. Traffic free, quiet enough to ride along safely but with enough people to spread the good cheer of Stanningley Primary School. Enthusiasm was in full flow with laughter and happy screams positively alerting others to our presence. Even the steep hills by the locks we encountered did nothing to dampen their spirits as each child rose to the challenge of trying to get to the top without stopping. Grazing cows, galloping horses, lush green fields and a heron soon gave way to the impressive towering mills of Saltaire. We were there! Ahead of schedule! By this time, the sun was shining and the earlier chill had long gone. Sprawled on the grass, our cyclists tucked in to their picnics to restore energy levels. It worked quickly because in no time at all they were running around catching Frisbees and teaching each other cartwheels, handstands and other such tricks. Cooperation, encouragement and inclusion was in abundance making us all very proud. After a thank you to our very accommodating hosts, lovely cafe worth a visit, we were on the return leg. Not one complaint was heard as we set off, despite a few tired legs and sore posteriors! The journey back seemed to fly by but energy levels were clearly dipping the closer we got to home. Taking an interest in the canal side sights helped take minds off tired legs. Cows wading onto the canal to drink, two day old cygnets clambering onto their nest, dogs, horses and warm sunshine all lent a helping hand. All too soon, we had reached Rodley again ready for The Big Hill! An all important Jelly Baby break gave a final boost of energy to help our group make the final hurdle. Once again, I did not hear a single complaint as we ascended. Yes, some pushed some of it but everyone pushed themselves and for that they deserve applause. Our guide praised their efforts, surprised how quickly we had made it. As if nearly 18 miles was not enough, we even had time for some final races in the park to finish off a very satisfactory day. A massive well done to all that took part. You should be very proud of what you have achieved and we hope it does inspire you to do more.


As you will already be aware, Stanningley Primary School is a bike friendly School. We are very proud to announce that following our Learn to Ride training in the Autumn Term, ALL our children in Y5/6 can ride a bike without stabilisers. To celebrate this and to also promote that cycling is fun, Chris Armstrong, our bike friendly school co-ordinator, delivered fun skills sessions in school today: Monday 21st May 2018. The fun skills sessions aim to develop basic cycling skills in children who can already ride a bike without stabilisers. The main emphasis of the sessions is fun! The children completed circuits, games and obstacle courses galore!


A group of children from Y5/6 represented Stanningley in the Sports Relief Challenge at Leeds West Academy on Wednesday 28th March 2018. The challenge was to cycle the total distance, 962 km / 602 miles, that will be raced during the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire. The 602 miles was split between 7 local primary schools and Stanningley Primary School cycled the Mens Stage 3 that was Richmond to Scarborough. In order to complete the challenge the children used Keiser stationary bikes in the fitness suite at the academy. The children were encouraged to ask friends and family to donate to their worthy cause by giving their children money to ride on the day. 100% of the donations went to Sport Relief. The money raised through Sport Relief helps vulnerable people, across the UK and the world, to live happier, healthier and safer lives. WE WERE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT AT STANNINGLEY PRIMARY THE BIKE CHALLENGE RAISED 111 POUNDS and THE NON UNIFORM EVENT RAISED 213 POUNDS. In total SPS raised a grand total of 324 POUNDS for Sports Relief. Thanks to all who supported us!


As part of our Annual Healthy Week, we were pleased to welcome Stephen Coulthard to school to deliver All Stars Cricket to children in KS1. All Stars Cricket is a brand new entry level program for cricket,heading in to the 2nd year of delivery in 2018. Cricket hits 9/10 fundamental movement skills and through the All Stars Cricket program participants improve their movement and coordination skills whilst experiencing wider benefits such as social inclusion, decision making and problem solving through Cricket. All done in a safe and fun environment. By promoting All Stars Cricket through local schools, it is hoped that children will be encouraged to access and transition in to their local cricket club, All Star Cricket Centre in 2018. At Stanningley Primary School The All Stars Cricket Road Show offered, 1 x All Star Cricket Assembly and Practical Sessions for Years 1 and 2. The children and staff had a brilliant time whilst accessing the sessions and were able to take home information about how they could continue to access ALL STARS in their local community. - KS1 Practical Sessions (Y1-Y3) (up to 3 Hours)

EASTER BREAK 2018 Holiday Cub at LWA

During the Easter break a group of children from Y3/4 attended a holiday club at Leeds West Academy. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different sporting activities in a secondary setting.


It was a privilege to welcome Kathryn Fielding (Participation/Coach Education and Visual Impairment Consultant) to our school. Kathryn is part of the Goalball UK team and Stanningley Primary School were lucky to secure a school visit from an experienced Goalball UK coach. The inclusive nature of Goalball means that children can access the sport quite easily and Goallball UK were able to provide a meaningful inclusive experience for our pupils, specifically those with VI.


Today, 8th November 2017, six of our Year 4 pupils completed the Playmaker Playground Leader Award. This award is for pupils who are looking to develop the confidence and skills required to deliver fun active lunch activities. The Playmaker Award explores what makes a good team and a good leader along with developing quality communication skills, organisational and motivational skills to get everybody active during lunch times. The children participated in lots of fun practical activities that they could take back to school.


At Stanningley Primary School we acknowledge that Table Tennis is a very inclusive sport and can be enjoyed by all Primary School aged pupils of varying abilities. It can quite often engage the pupils who are not typically attracted to usual main stream sports. We are proud to continue Table Tennis as part of our weekly club offer and welcome back Rick Gonzalez Table Tennis Coach on behalf of Table Tennis England. Only a few weeks into the new academic year, we were pleased to present children with awards for their newly gained skills in Celebration Assembly.


We are delighted to announce that we, Stanningley Primary School, have achieved the GOLD School Games Mark Award for the 2016/17 academic year. The Schools Game Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success. WELL DONE TEAM STANNINGLEY!

National Bike Week

Over the past two weeks and as part of National Bike Week, ninety five schools have participated in a bicycle baton relay, squiggling across the county from Sheffield to Leeds. We were lucky enough to be one of the schools to take part in this initiative to promote the use of the bicycle as a better means of transport for children to get to school and beyond. Our turn was last Tuesday and ten hardy responsible souls from year five were selected to represent Stanningley. The weather forecast leading up to the day had not been optimistic, chopping between rain and heavy rain. Now, if there is one thing a cyclist does not want when riding their bike, it is rain. We got rain. Lots of it. Cats and dogs. A proper downpour. However with smiling faces and a bag of spare clothes we prepared ourselves for the arrival of the baton. Enter West SILC, circling our playground on tricycles with a baton to hand over. Official presentations done, we were off, in the rain. Three schools riding together, in the rain. It was a wonderful sight to see so many hi viz wearing children cycling on the local streets, in the rain. Clearly made easier by the support of the local police - not having to worry about red lights is amazing. Another baton change over, a different group of riding companions and a big steep hill challenge, in the rain. Well done to Anya who, I think, was the only person to make it to the top without pushing! A final group split, a treacherous downhill, one bruised Solomon, a jaunt along the canal, in the rain, and another handover, this time sheltered in a dark, graffitied underpass, escaping the rain. Final baton swaps done and we were on our final leg into town, in the rain. Through the Dark Arches and on to Millennium Square, in the rain. More traffic navigation made easy with our wonderful support team, considerate drivers and switched on children, in the rain. After a cold wait by the art gallery, in the rain, our hosts at the Civic hall were ready to receive us, in the rain. A celebrity welcome complete with television cameras, politicians and Sir Gary Verity. Yes, him that brought that French bike race to Gods own county] applauded our arrival, in the rain. The children felt like heroes and, with the rain they were still enduring, were heroes. A few TV interviews later, in the rain and we were ushered inside the grand old building which, importantly, was warm and dry. Ahh the joy of dry clothes. Decked out in suitably yellow tour t shirts we were clapped by a crowd of hundreds as we took our place in the hall itself. Introductions were made, cheers, speeches were made, more cheers, a Grand Depart 2014 film was shown, goose bumps, maybe that was just me, more mentions of the childrens exploits, even more cheers, freebies were grabbed, even bigger cheers, then at last, thought the children, lunch! A great event to be part of all in all, no doubt made even better by the fact that Oliver won the after lunch competition, winning even more goodies for the year five cycling team. The children represented the school impeccably and more importantly had a great time taking part in a great event that will hopefully act as a spring board to many more children and adults wanting to ride a bike to get about. Also at this event, Leeds Council launched a new cycling initiative aimed at helping people feel safer cycling within the city. All good news. As for us we now had to get back on our bikes and ride all the way back to school. At least now, at last, the rain had stopped and the sun finally shone.


On Tuesday 16th May, a team of children from Stanningley Primary School attended the Sky Sports Living Event at the John Charles Stadium, LEEDS. Sky Sport Living for Sport Live allows primary school children to take part in sports, skills and challenge sessions led by world-class Sky Sports Living for Sport Athlete Mentors, with the aim of building life skills through sport. Throughout the day, the children participated in 4 sport based activities and a Healthy Living session, all delivered by Athlete Mentors and Volunteers from Sky and Young Leader Mentors. At the end of the day, for achieving the most team points , the children from Stanningley were awarded with a trophy.

'SPORTS PERFORMER OF THE YEAR' - Thursday 11th May 2017

Tonight, Thursday 11th May 2017, Leeds West Academy hosted their 5th Annual Sports Presentation Award Evening. The evening included a section celebrating the achievements of the cluster primaries. As well as showing pictures & videos, the academy also presented a trophy to the boy and girl that the PE Team considered to be our schools 'Sports Performer of the Year.' Mikolaj Oledzki & Cameron Smith (LEEDS RHINOS) presented the children with their awards. Last year Mikolaj Oledzki and Cameron Smith, represented the England Academy squad to tour Australia.

Spring 2 2017 - Flamenco Dancing Workshop

Class Five welcomed Lousia, who is a professional Flamenco dancer from Spain, to Stanningley Primary school. Louisa taught the children a Flamenco routine which was absolutely fantastic! This workshop was in conjunction with the Max Reinhardt Literacy Project that the class are involved in. The children were INCREDIBLE!!

Autumn 1 2016 - Bradford City Football Club Assessment Morning - 30.9.16

Today, Chris Welburn; FA Regional PE & Coaching in Education Coordinator (North East & Yorkshire), visited Stanningley Primary to assess five Bradford City Football Club coaches to ensure that their teaching meets the high expectations that are required by the FA. Children in Y4 and Y5 had a fantastic time! They enjoyed a range of activities which focussed on spatial awareness, moving through space and ball skills. Thank you to Bradford City for selecting SPS for this!


Today, in our celebration assembly, medals were presented to the School Games winning team = THE BLACK TEAM. It was a very close competition with only 3 points separating 1st and 2nd place. For more information regarding the overall results click on the link, in the entry below.


Click on the document below to view the results from the 2016 School Games Competition. The competition was very close and we were very proud of every individual competitor. A special medal ceremony will take place on 8/7/16.


The opening ceremony of the 2016 Stanningley Primary School Games (Spirit Alive) was a great success. Proudly the children paraded around the playground wearing their team colours. Our female sports personality of the year gave an inspirational speech whilst all the children and adults listened respectfully. The whole school joined in a dance and the 2016 School Games was declared open. Thank you to all who attended the opening ceremony and supported the games. (5/7/16)


The children in Y3 enjoyed having their own group archery competition. They learnt that just like in the Olympics when the archer is shooting, other people need to be score keeping. TODAY THE CHILDREN WERE SCORE KEEPERS – A VERY IMPORTANT JOB – very trustworthy. They learnt that to be a score keeper they needed to be good mathematicians – REAL LIFE MATHS.

'Sports Performer of the Year' - Thursday 19th May 2016

Tonight, Thursday 19th May, Leeds West Academy hosted their 4th Annual Sports Presentation Award Evening. The evening included a section celebrating the achievements of the cluster primaries. As well as showing pictures & videos, the academy also presented a trophy to the boy and girl that the PE Team considered to be our schools 'Sports Performer of the Year.' Tim Stimpson (former rugby union international) presented the children with their awards.


This term, Leeds West Academy have been working with class five focusing on the game of cricket. In previous lessons, the children have been working on their skills of bowling and batting and in today's session (as the sun was shining!) the children enjoyed their first mini games! Super skills are being developed in preparation for the cricket events this term.


On Thursday 28th April, the PE team at Stanningley attended Hi 5 Netball training at LWA. The 3 hour training event was delivered by England Netball. High 5 is the recommended 5-a-side version of the 7-a-side game for 9-11 year olds. It gives every child the chance to experience and enjoy every position, as well as off-court roles. It boosts fitness and adaptability and provides a great social framework for players to strengthen friendships. The PE team had a very enjoyable evening learning skills and even participating in a few games.


On Thursday 24th March 2016, representatives from Team Activ came to present the Y6 children certificates. The certificates were awarded for participation in the Sports Relief Orienteering event at Fulneck School in which one of our teams won. The assembly was action packed and the whole school enjoyed the visit.


On Friday 18th March, Y6 took part in an orienteering competition that was organised by Team Activ and Fulneck School as part of Sport Relief day. The competition was a super opportunity for the children to take part in a fun, adventurous, challenging afternoon of orienteering around the grounds of Fulneck School. The activity linked to many areas of the National Curriculum; enhancing social skills, teamwork, decision making, fitness & wellbeing and more. We were very pleased to find out that the winning team was a team from Stanningley!!!

February 2016 Half-Term Holiday Club at LWA

During the February break a group of children from Y5/6 attended a holiday club at Leeds West Academy. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different sporting activities in a secondary setting.


Four members of the Leeds West Academy Cheerleading squad came to Stanningley on work experience today to teach Y3 a dance/cheerleading routine. Following a quick warm up, the children first learnt a dance routine before learning a few stunts that required a combination of balance, strength and flexibility. At the end of the session Y3 performed to a small audience. It was a great performance and the children in year 3 wowed everyone. We would like to thank the students from LWA who made this all possible.


This term, the children in Class Five are enjoying weekly dance sessions led by Year 12 performance students from Leeds West Academy. The Year 12 students have devised a dance piece for the forthcoming 'Lion King' show at the academy, and have invited our students to audition for the show.


The children in Year 5 enjoyed a sports session at Leeds West Academy. The session was organised and delivered by Year 12 PE students who are aspiring PE teachers and coaches. The focus of the session was TAG RUGBY. The children enjoyed taking part in a range of drills that developed skills

European Mobility Week

As part of European Mobility Week, ten children rode into Leeds City centre, and back, to take part in various activities to promote cycling. They were escorted by members of the Leeds Road Safety Team and a policeman. It was a wet day but everyone really enjoyed the ride.

City Connect Assembly - Wednesday 23rd September 2015
Sainsbury's School Games - Monday 21st September 2015

The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Today, we received confirmation that Stanningley Primary School had achieved GOLD MARK for the 2014/15 academic year. Well done to all!

Dr Bike - Friday 3rd July 2015

To say thank you for all the submissions, to the 20mph Design a Sign competition, a visit from Dr Bike was arranged. Dr Bike is a qualified and DBS checked bicycle mechanic who visited Stanningley Primary School to carry out a free safety check and basic repairs to pupil’s bikes.

'The Academic Appointments Sportsmanship Award' - Friday 26th June 2015

Today, Friday 26th June, Steve and Danni, from Academic Appointments, came into our Celebration Assembly to present the 'Academic Appointments Sportsmanship Award.' The PE team had been asked to select one child, to receive the award, who had represented Stanningley at the Bramley Olympic Event. Bramley Olympics is an outdoor track and field event that is held at the John Charles Stadium Leeds and involves the children participating in athletics events against the other 8 schools in our cluster. This year Academic Appointments sponsored this event. We were very proud to present the award to one of our Y6 girls who ran the 400m race with such control and precision. Well done to all of our team and thank you to Academic Appointments for the trophy and voucher.

'Sports Performer of the Year' - Thursday 14th May 2015

Tonight, Thursday 14th May, Leeds West Academy hosted their 3rd Annual Sports Presentation Award Evening. This year LWA decided to open the invite to their cluster primary schools, which included Stanningley Primary. Therefore, this year the evening also included a section celebrating the achievements of our children! As well as showing pictures & videos, the academy also presented a trophy to the boy and girl that the PE Team considered to be our schools 'Sports Performer of the Year.' Rachael MacKenzie (World Thai-Boxing Champion) presented the children with their awards.

Tchoukball Training - Thursday 30th April 2015

On Thursday 30th April the PE team from Stanningley attended a tchoukball training session at Leeds West Academy. Tchoukball is a fast-paced spectacular sport for people of all ages, genders and abilities. A major aspect of Tchoukball UK's work is, and will remain, with schools where the game is steadily becoming an accepted part of the curriculum. This appears to coincide with the professions move away from practice of aggressive type games, to skill orientation. Tchoukball is compatible with the demands of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and is an excellent alternative to traditional sports for encouraging team play and sportsmanship.

GB TEACHERS - Wednesday 29th April 2015

On Wednesday 29th April, our very own Mr Nathan played for the GB Teachers, Rugby League Team. Mr Nathan had his very own support group from Stanningley Primary who went to the match at Stanningley Rugby Club and to cheer him on. We were all very proud!

February Half-Term Holiday Club at LWA

During the February break a group of children from Y6 attended a holiday club at Leeds West Academy. The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different sporting activities in a secondary setting.

Skipping Training - Thursday 5th February 2015

On Thursday 5th February the PE team from Stanningley attended a skipping training session. The training was delivered by Chris and Jodi Corcoran who run the family business, 'Skipping School.' The training workshop showed the staff how skipping skills learnt will last a lifetime and lay the foundations for better health, fitness and improved self-esteem.

Skipping Training - Thursday 5th February 2015
Stanningley speak at the Leeds Active School Conference 18/09/14

Mrs Stott-Moore was asked to speak at the Leeds Active Schools Conference and Exhibition 2014 at New Dock Hall, Royal Armouries. Mrs Stott-Moore agreed, however she decided that since her presentation would be about, 'Working in Collaboration,' the whole PE team would speak too. The team included Miss Soanes, Mr Nathan, Gareth Davis (PE Coach) and Paul Anderson (Community Sports Coordinator.) Feedback from Jill Wilkinson (Active Schools Operational Lead) to Mrs Stott-Moore following the event was, "I thought that your presentation was perfect and reiterated some very pertinent points."

Stanningley speak at the Leeds Active School Conference 18/09/14

Today a group of six children from Upper KS2 started the Sports Leaders UK young sports leaders 'Playmakers' course. Led by PE Coach Gareth Davis, over the next 6 weeks, the children will take part in a range of activities which will help them to develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork. The children involved in the award will also be given the opportunity to be involved in planning and delivering lunchtime activities.


Stanningley is set for a major boost after it was successful in gaining £29,900 to develop new outdoor sports facilities. The school was one of the 601 schools to be awarded National Lottery Primary Spaces Funding. The funding is part of Sport England’s £18m National Lottery funded Primary School Facilities Fund which is helping more schools to provide outdoor multi-activity play areas across the country. Fingers crossed, the work will be scheduled to begin during the half-term break.

Spirit Alive Assembly 08/07/14

On Tuesday 8th July the children of Stanningley Primary School came together for a special assembly. During the assembly a selection of children from each class presented information about a country they had learnt about. The countries were based on flag colours and will represent the different team colours for this years sports day competition.

Leeds Active School Thank YOU Poster 21/07/14

Today we received a poster from Gail Palmer-Smeaton for being a part of Active Schools this year, what a year it's been!!

Opening Ceremony - Spirit Alive 09/07/14

The sun was shining on the children of Stanningley Primary as they came together for the opening ceremony of the 2014 Spirit Alive. The chair of school council introduced the day followed by CC from Y6 confidently delivering the opening speech. Thank you to all the adults at home who came to support this event.

West Leeds Mini Champion Winners

On Wednesday 19th March a team of children competed in the Local Schools Basketball Conference League. The competition was held at Priesthorpe School and run by Claude Bandawe. The team from Stanningley won the competition. WELL DONE STANNINGLEY!! Following on from the Basketball win Claude came into school on 22nd June with the Leeds Tigers Kit. The winning team were able to pose wearing it.

May Holiday Club at LWA

During the May break a group of children from Y5/6 attended a holiday club at Leeds West Academy. The club that primarily focused on the development of football skills was named, 'Train like a Pro' and was run by external coaches

Sport Literacy - 25th March 2014

On Tuesday 25th March 2014 Mrs Stott-Moore, Mr Nathan and a small group of boys from Y5/6 attended a Sports Literacy Course. The course was held at Yorkshire CCC at Headingley Cricket Ground. Lend Me Your Literacy, in partnership with Sporting Influence presented an inspirational programme that aims to improve Literacy through sport. Throughout the day the children attended workshops as well as having a full tour of the ground.

Y6 Raise Money for Sports Relief

On Monday 24th March a group of Y6 children took place in the sports relief challenge at Leeds West Academy. This was a super opportunity to work with other schools from our cluster whilst raising money for charity. With the Tour de France quickly approaching, The challenge was to cycle the distance from Leeds to Paris using the Keiser bikes in the fitness suite. On the 12/5/14 Mr Anderson deposited £360.49 into the Sport Relief 2014 appeal. Well done cyclists!

March 2014 - Stanningley apply for Primary Spaces Funding

Stanningley Primary School have applied for,'The Primary Spaces fund'. If successful, the school could receive up to £30,000 of National Lottery funding to spend on a range of specially created packages to develop the outdoor sport space. The Primary Spaces fund aims to provide outdoor, multi-sport areas which can be used both within the curriculum and out of school hours. As well as helping provide sports facilities, staff and volunteers at the school will receive information on how best to use the new facilities and equipment to help children get active. Primary Spaces opened to applications on 24 February 2014 and closed on 24 March 2014. Watch the sports news page to find out whether Stanningley will be successful with the application.

Tri-Golf Training - 19th March 2014

On Wednesday 19th March the PE team from Stanningley attended a Tri-Golf Activators Course. The Tri-Golf Activators course is designed to familiarise individuals with the Tri-Golf equipment, the game cards and associated resources. Teachers receive a manual containing 5 lesson plans linked to the Key Stage 2 curriculum, resources for running a skills festival, posters and information about Tri-Golf Skills Award scheme. Following the course an order was made to purchase the Tri-Golf Kit Bag Pack once the new PE budget arrives.

First Steps to Skating Programme - January 2014

On THURSDAY 30th JANUARY 2014, Y6 visited the Ice Cube in Millennium Square, Leeds. The children participated in an hour long skating session where they completed the First Steps to Skating programme. The sessions were delivered by qualified coaches and all the children received a certificate.