Stanningley Primary School

Respect and Pride

 CHALLENGE - Starting 5.7.21 School council are challenging all KS 2 pupils to use less screen time at home.  See school council page. 
Please ensure you wear a face mask and follow social distancing guidelines when dropping off and collecting children. Many thanks.  If you have any concerns and need to speak to a member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.     Please can we ask you to keep your contact details up to date by ringing the school office. Thank You.

Children  »  Star of The Week and Golden Pen Award

Stars of the week 18.6.21
Star of the Week 11.6.21
Star of the Week 28.5.21
Star of the Week 21.5.21
Star of the week 14.5.21
Star of the Week 7.5.21
Stars of the Week 30.4.21
Star of the Week 16.4.21
Star of the Week 12.4.21
Star of the Week 26.3.21
Star of the Week 19.3.21
Stars of the week 12.3.21
Stars of the week 18.12.20
Stars of the Week 11.12.20
Stars of the Week 4.12.20
Stars of the Week 27.11.20
Stars of the week 20.11.20
Stars of the Week 13.11.20
Stars of the Week 6.11.20
Golden Pen Award Autumn 1
Stars of the week 23.10.20.
Stars of the week 9.10.2020
Stars of the week 2.10.2020
Stars of the Week - Sept 25 2020
Stars of the Week - Sept 18th 2020