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SENCO  - Mrs T Stott - Moore

One of the changes brought about by the 2014 Code of Practice was that children and young people with SEND and their families should be central to identification, assessment and planning. This means that it is vital that parents know what they can reasonably expect from their school and local authority without having to fight for it. The outcome of this is that local authorities and other services will set out a local offer of all services available to support children who are disabled or who have SEN and their families. The offer will include provision from birth to 25, across education, health and social care.

This will mean that:
  • Parents will have a greater level of confidence and understanding of the processes involved.
  • Earlier identification of children with SEND will be enabled.
  • There will be a reduction in the need for assessment.
  • Gaps in provision and need will be identified.
  • There will be an evidence base for improving progress and securing better outcomes, at school and local level.
Stanningley Primary is an inclusive school. We strive to do our utmost in supporting all pupils and this is done so in collaboration with the Local Authority in order that all pupils make the best possible progress in school. Please see our own offer.....